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Nice Underwater Photography photos

A few nice Underwater Photography images I found: Three guys posing Image by PacificKlaus This is some of the most interesting nature photography I have done in a long time. We went out to see the mandarin fish, Synchiropus splendidus, mating. This happens most evenings at a site called lighthouse, off Malapascua island, Philippines. Like in similar sites in other […]

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Cool Underwater Photography images

A few nice Underwater Photography images I found: Magic Shark Image by PacificKlaus At magic point in Sydney, today the sharks were out (though not as much as usually) but the visibility was mediocre. One thing I then do to avoid backscatter is to shoot the subject close to a solid background. If that does not work, a bit of […]

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Frogfish Face

A few nice Underwater Photography images I found: Frogfish Face Image by PacificKlaus Clifton Gardens, Sydney, frogfish watcher’s paradise. There is still a chance to join me in the Philippines in September for some top underwater photography at the Evolution Photoganza. September 17-22 in one of Asia’s prime dive spots!

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Yu Diving at Eccleston Delph

Some cool Underwater Photography images: Yu Diving at Eccleston Delph Image by Yu Diving Scuba Diving Training School in Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire, England UK See us in action on YouTube Like us on facebook

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Cuttlefish Quiz

A few nice Underwater Photography images I found: Cuttlefish Quiz Image by PacificKlaus Participate to win the right to call yourself "Pacificklaus certified cephalopod expert". If you are in Sydney and win, I might buy you a beer, too. Question: what is the difference between the left and the right images: 1. A male/female animal. 2. Adult/juvenile. 3. A gay/straight […]

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